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1-3-2-6 System (Blackjack)

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Are there systems to beat the casinos? The short answer to that question is, no. If Casinos, online or otherwise, were consistently beatable they wouldn’t be able to exist. The entire purpose of a casino is to make money from you, the gambler, and give it to the owner. What this means is that in an extremely general sense, playing the fairest games in any casino where it’s you against the house, you have a 49% chance to win at any game you play, and the casino has a 51% chance of beating you. 2%, that’s all that stands between you and the casino. There isn’t a system that can obliterate this 2% or somehow reverse it to give you the advantage, but there are systems that will increase your odds within that 2% and lower the houses odds. Some system will simply prolong your money, or ‘bankroll’, but in essence this somewhat increases your odds by giving you more chances to win.

In this article we will be going into one such system.

1-3-2-6 System (Blackjack)

This systems refers to a way of making your bets on winnings on the blackjack table. It’s good for gamblers who don’t like to use risky betting systems and it is relatively easy to remember. It’s all in the name. The thing to remember is the numbers are ‘units’ and not the amount bet. Let’s say you’re betting $5, we’ll call that one unit. The idea is to bet the units in sequence as you win and to restart the cycle if you lose. So, let’s say you win 4 hands in a row, with $5 units, your bets would look like this:

1st Bet – $5, 2nd Bet – $15, 3rd Bet – $10, 4th Bet – $30

So, as you can see, with $5 as our ‘unit’ we progress along 1, 3, 2, and 6 units as we win. If we lost on our second or third bet, we would restart the cycle. And if we win four in a row, we restart the cycle. As an example of how it may play out on a normal table.

1st Bet – $5(LOST), 2nd Bet – $5(WON), 3rd Bet – $15(WON), 4th Bet – $10 (LOST), 5th Bet – $5 (WON), 6th Bet – $15 (WON), 7th Bet – $10 (WON), 8th Bet – $30(WON), 9th Bet – $5(LOST)

You are simply playing the sequence over and over. Whether your unit is $5 or $500 you stick to the pattern. There is some sound mathematical knowledge behind this system, but in the end it will do more to prolong your time playing than it will increase your odds against the house in any significant fashion. The biggest advantage to this system is that it is easy to learn and can be used as a starter system for a beginner learning how to stay in a game of blackjack for a longer period of time, and perhaps given some luck, walk away with a good amount of profit!

No matter what, any gambler is going to rely on some element of luck, but these types of systems train a gambler to be disciplined and focused at the table. While it won’t give you any real significant advantage it will teach you many important lessons in the long run.

Want to give this system a chance? How about try out one of our popularly reviewed casinos, and tell us what you think of this system in the comments below!

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