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  • High Rollers – RTG Slots

High Rollers – RTG Slots

Slot Name: High Rollers
Software: RTG
Reels: 3
Paylines: 5
USA Players: Accepted

With a title like High Rollers, the expectation would be for this title to be themed around a rich guy, probably spending money in a casino with a gorgeous girl next to him. The reality is completely different though, the slot being inspired by the 70s and the hippie movement. As for the title, it seems to hint at those guys rolling cigars and getting high. It’s an RTG slot machine, and it’s also a classic, with 3 reels and 5 paylines. The top payout only reaches a value of $500.

US players that remember the 70s fondly, or simply wish they would’ve been there to live through them, will get a chance to try out this slot, since RTG makes its games available in their country.

Betting & Jackpots

You get 5 paylines that you can bet on, so you have a total of 5 coins to use each round. The value of those coins varies between $0.01 and $5, and with all 5 in the bet you can expect to wager $25 per spin. The slot’s jackpot gives back only 100 coins, so its value would be at most $500.


There is only one major feature in High Rollers, and it’s a wild symbol. Represented by the image of the Peace Logo, the wild can replace any other symbol in this game, without exceptions. It will not form combinations of its own, but it should be quite useful anyway. You just need it to land exactly where you’re missing a regular symbol, the other positions having already matching icons on them.


The design is about as good as you would imagine, given that this is a 70s themed game and that at the same time it’s a classic slot. I’m personally not a fan of the 70s style of design, especially since it doesn’t look like a modern interpretation, and more like the real thing. The symbols used include peace signs, lava lamps, butterflies, t-shirts and VW vans.


If you feel nostalgic whenever you remember the 70s, you might as well give this slot a chance and see how it plays. It doesn’t pay that great though, and its graphics will not be enjoyed by everyone.

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