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  • Honey to the Bee – RTG Slots
  • Honey to the Bee – RTG Slots
  • Honey to the Bee – RTG Slots

Honey to the Bee – RTG Slots

Slot Name: Honey to the Bee
Software: RTG
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
USA Players: Accepted

Honey to the Bee is a game with an unusual theme, though that’s mostly because other developers haven’t used it that often before, and not because it’s not a natural choice for a slot. Revolving around working bees and the wonderful product they create, honey, the game leaves no question as to the theme which inspired it. The game offers 5 reels, it has 20 bet lines and its payouts can put up to $25,000 in your pocket.

Whether you’re based in Europe or in the US, you can still play this slot machine, RTG making it available in more countries than the typical developer.

Betting & Jackpots

The slot’s betting range starts at $0.01 and goes up to $100 if you can afford that amount each round. One coin is all that is needed for each payline, but its value will vary, between $0.01 and $5.

The top reward comes from the wild symbol, which pays 5,000 coins if you get a full combo. Their value would be up to $25,000.


One of the major features offered in Honey to the Bee is the wild symbol. Showing an image of a Worker Bee, this wild is reserved for four reels, and it gives away the top jackpot with a combo of four symbols. The reels 1 to 4 are the ones that can host this symbol. If used in its role as a wild, it doubles payouts it has a hand in forming.

The Hive is the only other special symbol, a scatter capable of paying up to 100 times the bet value if up to five such icons are present on the reels, even if not on the same payline.

To trigger the slot’s free spins, the requirement is for 1+ Worker Bee wilds to be present somewhere on the first four reels, while the Hive scatter is on the 5th one. You get 15 free spins if the requirements are met, plus 2x multipliers for all the prizes.


The game uses honey or bee related images wherever it can. You have the trees with bees flying around them in the background, while on the reels you have poker cards with honeycombs behind them and images with honey jars, flowers, worker bees and the queen bee. It’s a cartoon style design, pleasant, but not unusual.


I think you’re going to enjoy it, it’s the kind of slot that will help you relax as well, plus it has a couple of good features. I especially liked the fact that you get the top jackpot with a combo of four symbols, instead of five.

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