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  • Mayan Queen – RTG Slots
  • Mayan Queen – RTG Slots
  • Mayan Queen – RTG Slots

Mayan Queen – RTG Slots

Slot Name: Mayan Queen
Software: RTG
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
USA Players: Accepted

Mayan Queen is a game with a theme that is based on one of the ancient civilizations of South America, long gone now, but still remembered thanks to the temples and artefacts they left behind. The game shows the player some of those artefacts, with a focus on gold treasures that apparently the Mayans left as well, giving you a chance to discover them. Top payouts can be actually rather impressive here, offering up to $150,000 if you play this 5 reel/25 line slot.

RTG makes this game available to US based slot players, like it does with all its titles.

Betting & Jackpots

The betting system is the usual one, employing 25 lines and requiring that 25 coins be used in wagers when they’re all active. For each coin, there is a value that the player sets, in the range of $0.01 to $5. If you decide to max out the bets, you can spend $125 for each spin.

The rewards in Mayan Queen can be truly great, much more so than in most slot machines that RTG releases. Up to 30,000 coins are awarded through regular combinations that have a bit of help from a wild, and the cash value would be up to $150,000.


We see the Queen in one of the major symbols of the game, the one with wild ability. It will act as a substitute, the way any other wild would, but it will only appear on the 3rd reel, so it’s not as useful as in other slots. On the other hand, it is an expanding wild and it doubles payouts, this applying to the top jackpot as well. It can even be used as a substitute for a scatter.

Speaking of the scatter, it’s the one which has the image of an Emerald on it. It pays very well, up to 500 times the bet value normally, or 1,000 times if a wild applies its multiplier.

If you have enough scatter symbols, meaning at least three, you can also get the slot’s free spins. 6 of them are offered if the requirements are met, and during each round you get the Queen wild expanded on the 3rd reel.


There is a lot of gold in the design of Mayan Queen, but it’s not a bad look for it. The gold is mostly part of artefacts that the Mayans supposedly left behind, including daggers, idols, bracelets and treasures among the symbols which have this metal in them. It’s a good design, but you can expect the same type of look from other slots with the same theme.


It’s a game where the prizes are the main attraction, as it should be in every slot machine. You will find big payouts, some decent features and an average but pleasant design.

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