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  • Mid-Life Crisis – RTG Slots
  • Mid-Life Crisis – RTG Slots
  • Mid-Life Crisis – RTG Slots
  • Mid-Life Crisis – RTG Slots

Mid-Life Crisis – RTG Slots

Slot Name: Mid-Life Crisis
Software: RTG
Reels: 5
Paylines: 9
USA Players: Accepted

Mid-Life Crisis is a funny look at a middle-aged man that seems to have run right into that moment in life, when you realize that you might not be as cool or adventurous anymore, and you want to take it all back. With sports cars, motorcycles, skydiving and pretty ladies all being part of the picture, the game manages to look somewhat appealing even without being a modern title and having mostly bad graphics. It’s a simpler game than others, with 5 reels and only 9 paylines. It does offer a progressive jackpot though, which might make it a lot more appealing.

You will get this game in casinos that have RTG software, which means that even if you’re in the US you can still play it.

Betting & Jackpots

The value of the coins you use is fixed at $0.25, but the game does allow you to select the number of lines and how many coins each one should get. You can use a maximum of 5 coins per line, which means a $1.25 line bet. With 9 lines active, the wager goes up to $11.25.

The big prize seems to be a progressive jackpot, while the next best thing is at 4,000x, meaning up to 20,000 coins/$5,000 cash. That progressive jackpot that the game mentions is actually a real sports car, which is worth $100,000. It’s quite the prize to win from a slot machine, and the perfect jackpot for a game with a mid-life crisis theme.


The first feature asks you to assist Mid-Life Man in getting ready to go out and have some fun. You have to collect three symbols when they appear, which show us the balding man, the toupee and the gold chain. Get all three, and you can win up to 350 credits.

The second feature is called Pick Your Poison. The three lady symbols appearing on the reels (redhead, blonde and brunette), have to be collected when they show up. Getting all three will trigger the feature, where you experience an adventure and you can win up to 4,000 credits.


The game is far from impressive, despite the relatively decent looking symbols and the fact that it lacks any boring poker cards. A long open road is shown in the background, the perfect place to try out a new sports car. It has the appearance of an older game thanks to the design, but some of the symbols do look quite good and make up for it at least partially.


It’s not the best looking game out there, but I don’t know any other slot machine that can give you a red sports car that is worth $100,000.

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