How much of your winnings should you reinvest to keep on making more as you play?


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This is a question to all the professional gamblers, poker players, slot fanatics, and online casino gamers of every kind:

What is the best amount to reinvest as a percentage after you come up on a big win to keep on winning?

It seems to be different for every game, and there are some blackjack players who say you should just reinvest your original bet and have the earnings build, while others suggest you bet or play a percentage to always make more than you started with.

What’s your strategy for doing this? Do you bet half of what you made? A quarter? 3/4th if it’s a specific game?

I used to make more when I bet more, but not always so I’m wondering what’s the best way that works for you?

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    1st April 2016 at 11:17 pm

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    It is $25 I think for a start.

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