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  • White Rhino
  • White Rhino
  • White Rhino

White Rhino

Slot Name: White Rhino
Software: RTG
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
USA Players: Accepted

White Rhino is a safari themed game, one that chooses to focus not just on animals of the savannah in general, but on one in particular, on the white rhino. This creature is incredibly rare, and it was picked to be the most important symbol in this case. There are both wild animals and human related images, including guides for the safari park, canteens, jeeps and binoculars. The location is in the natural park that the Kilimanjaro mountain is next to. The game has 5 reels, a total of 25 paylines and its top jackpot is an impressive $30,000 (30,000x).

You will have access to this game from most countries of the world, even the ones like United States, which don’t usually have access to casinos.

Betting & Jackpots

The game doesn’t have high requirements, the largest bet going up to $25, when all 25 lines get the maximum line bet of $1. The smallest coin denomination is at $0.01, so the game is easily played by anyone with a small or medium budget. High rollers might not be satisfied though.

The payouts look great, with a 10,000x jackpot which is offered even without the multiplier of the wild being applied. With the wild, it will go to 30,000x, which is almost unheard of for 99% of the slot machines on the market today. The cash value would be $30,000 at most.


The list of features is much more impressive than in other slot machines designed by RTG. It starts with the White Rhino icon, the wild symbol which appears stacked on the reels 2, 3 and 4. It is a typical substitute, working only for regular symbols.

Next, we have two scatter symbols, both of them triggering features, but having different payouts to give away on their own. The Guide scatter will pay 1x to 200x the bet, while the Kilimanjaro symbol will pay from 2x to 500x the wager. Both are impressive payouts and above average for a scatter symbol.

With all three reels getting White Rhino wilds on them, a feature starts where you get a chance to win free games. You have an initial 3 free spins, plus another 3 for each White Rhino that appears. Since these are stacked symbols, you can get all 9 positions occupied by wilds on those three reels, so you could have up to 30 free games total.

The Kilimanjaro scatter helps you by giving you re-spins, for which you need 2+ symbols in place, on reels going from left to right. The reels which don’t have scatters on them will re-spin three times for free. The idea is to get as many additional scatters as possible, so you can get the 500x the bet payout.

Finally, we have the Guide scatter, which triggers a free games feature. 3+ scattered symbols will bring you 10 free spins, all of them with 3x multipliers for the wins to which the wild symbols contribute.


The quality of the design is excellent, with no symbols that aren’t themed present on its reels. You see the African savannah in the background, plus guides and wild animals among the symbols found on the reels.


I loved the game, and I would recommend it to you as well. It has huge payouts of up to 30,000x, it has lots of great features and the design is also of a very good quality.

Comment ( 1 )

  1. 2nd April 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Whitе Rhinо vidео slоt is frоm RTG prоvidеr, whiсh I hаvе plаyеd оnly fеw timеs аnd thе rеаsоn fоr thаt is thаt I just dоn’t likе lооks аnd thе grаphiсs оn this slоt, wеll RTG саn put а littlе еffоrt, sо thеy саn bring gаmеs with а bеttеr grаphiсs, wеll thаt’s my оpiniоn. This slоt hаs thеmе аbоut Wild Аfriса аnd аll thе symbоls in this gаmе аrе with Аfriса аdvеnturе.
    Thе Whitе Rhinо аs thе titlе оf this gаmе is thе wild symbоl,whiсh hе is substituting аll thе symbоls оn thе rееls еxсеpt thе sсаttеr symbоl аnd gеtting аny winning соmbinаtiоn thе wild Whitе Rhinо will triplе yоur winnings,wеll thаt dеpеnds if yоu hаvе аny winning соmbinаtiоn.
    This gаmе dоеsn’t hаvе аny bоnus fеаturе, but thе gооd thing аbоut plаying this gаmе, thаt it hаs 3 diffеrеnt frее spins fеаturеs. Thе first оnе is whеn yоu саtсh thе Whitе Rhinо symbоls оn thе 2, 3 аnd 4th rееl аnd thаt wаy yоu wоn 3 frее spins, but during thе frее spins fеаturе, fоr еvеry Whitе Rhinо lеnding оn thе sаmе rееls, thеn yоu will bе rеwаrdеd with 3 еxtrа frее spins, sо thаt wаy yоu саn еnd up up tо 30 frее spins, whilе yоu plаy this rоund .
    Thе sесоnd kind оf thе frее spins is thе Kilimаnjаrо 3 spins аnd thе third kind is thе Guidе frее spins fеаturе, whiсh will аwаrd yоu with 10 frее spins аnd this frее spins rоund саn bе rеtriggеrеd. I must аdmit I didn’t gеt this gаmе sо mаny сhаnсеs, аlthоugh I think it hаs big pоtеntiаl оf sоlid winnings. Wеll hеrе соmеs Hаllоwееn, sо I guеss thеrе bе plеnty оffеrs frоm аll RTG саsinо, sо I will try this gаmе аgаin аnd hоping tо gеt thоsе mаny, mаny frее spins rоunds!

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